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This Article Is Based On $1.9+ Million In Sales And Research From 6 Of The Most Successful Salesmen in History

For most of my life, I made little profit in business.

Starting around 2016, I read multiple books by the fathers of modern advertising

Men like: Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Victor Schwab, Gary Halbert, and Rosser Reeves.

These books were written in the early to mid-20th century.

As a result…

Over four years, I went from $0 to a total Of $1.9 million in sales

With hundreds of thousands of profit.

During this time…

I learned that, specific types of businesses make easy profit

Most of…

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The below .NET C# code will trigger a compiler error.

public List<T> GetTableRecords<T>(string tableName, AirtableBase targetBase = AirtableBase.Marketing)
var results = new List<T>();
dynamic deserializedResult = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(json);
offset = deserializedResult.offset;
foreach (var result in deserializedResult.records)
if (typeof(T) == typeof(ListRegistration))
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This article assumes you’re running Docker Desktop for Windows on Windows 10.

Docker is divided into two major components

The docker client

This is the component that you interact with from the command line. (Or from Docker desktop)

The docker server

This is the component that handles the running and orchestration of docker containers.

To check if the Docker Daemon is running execute the following command

docker version

Afterwards, you should see something like the…

In the summer of 2019, I saw something strange

Tesla, the company now worth $700+ BILLION dollars, was valued on the stock market at only $40 billion.

I thought… “Wait what…? Tesla worth only $40 billion? Am I missing something?”

For perspective, many software startups with ZERO plan to get to self-sustaining revenue and profitability have valuations exceeding $40 billion.

Somehow… Wall Street thought that Tesla — the first successful auto startup…

Ayo Ijidakinro

I’m a software engineer turned entrepreneur. Technology, SEO, and Marketing are my passions. Over the last 36-months my ads have made $1.36+ million in sales.

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