Is The Docker Daemon Running?

This article assumes you’re running Docker Desktop for Windows on Windows 10.

Docker is divided into two major components

The docker client

This is the component that you interact with from the command line. (Or from Docker desktop)

The docker server

This is the component that handles the running and orchestration of docker containers.

To check if the Docker Daemon is running execute the following command

docker version

Afterwards, you should see something like the following in the command console:

In Windows, you mays see an error saying: error during connect: … open //./pipe/docker_engine

Make sure you have done these three steps:

  1. Turn on Virtualization in your BIOS
  2. Turn on the Windows Feature “Containers”
  3. Turn on the Windows Feature “Hyper-V”

As of this writing, Docker will not notify you that any of the above hasn’t been completed.

The client component will simply fail to connect to the server component.

I’m documenting common mistakes and gotchas when getting started with Docker!

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